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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does NEMT mean?

NEMT stands for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. NEMT companies provide transportation for a fee to passengers needing to go to medical appointments and other places when specialty transportation is needed. This specialty transportation includes wheelchair, stretcher, and ambulatory rides for passengers who have limited mobility, communication difficulties, are unable to drive themselves or ride in a typical passenger vehicle with family or friends.

What is your service area?

Most of our trips originate in Weber, Davis, or Salt Lake Counties.  We do transport elsewhere in Utah and the surrounding mountain states region, but there are additional charges for long distance trips. (See unloaded miles FAQ.)

What makes Pegasus Lifts different than other NEMT companies? Why should I choose Pegasus?

Pegasus selects only the best drivers and vehicles:

  • Room-to-Room Service: Our company culture encourages drivers to take extra steps to
    provide excellent customer service. This includes assisting our passengers from their room in the hospital or care facility, and ensuring they are checked in at their destination.
  • Our vehicles are modern cars and vans equipped with the latest safety features. Typically,
    we only take one passenger at a time to allow for greater comfort and any baggage or
  • All our drivers are certified in CPR/First Aid, and complete bi-annual Defensive Driving and
    Passenger Safety/Securement courses. Drivers are also evaluated annually by a member of local law enforcement for adherence to traffic laws and safety.
  • We provide time for drivers to ensure their vehicles are cleaned to our high standards.
    Exteriors and interiors are CLEAN. We understand that many passengers have
    compromised health when they ride with us and we attempt to provide vehicles that make
    our passengers feel comfortable and safe.
Who pays for transportation?

Private Pay is when a passenger or family/friend pays for transportation using a credit card or, by special arrangement, by cash or check. Reservations must be paid for prior to transportation. If for some reason, a trip must be cancelled, fees may be applied prior to a refund being issued.

Hospitals/facilities might pay when the passenger is a patient at the hospital, usually discharging or coming for a procedure. Care centers like Skilled Nursing Facilities and Post-Acute Care Centers may pay for a patient/resident to go to medical appointments and trips to dialysis and the hospital. Those facilities make the transportation arrangements directly with the NEMT provider.

Physicians or other care providers occasionally pay for transportation when the lack of
transportation would cause the patient to miss an important appointment or cause a
procedure/surgery to be rescheduled.

Insurance may occasionally pay for transportation. Certain providers, like Molina, pay for
transportation for their members through a broker. The broker makes the arrangement with the NEMT company and pays the service provider directly.

Do you bill insurance?

We do not. Most insurance does not currently pay for transportation. We are happy to provide a receipt if you pay privately for transportation and need proof of payment to get reimbursed by your insurance.

Insurance occasionally pays for transportation for its members. Typically, there is a third-party broker that takes the reservation from the member, and then sends the trip information to an NEMT service provider.

How do I arrange for a ride or make reservations?

If you are paying privately, you may call Pegasus Lifts directly (253-336-6444) or use the online trip reservation form. When you call, you will need all the details of the trip request for the dispatcher to give you an accurate price quote or to book the trip: address of starting location and drop-off location (including any room or suite information, doctor’s name, etc.), whether a return trip is needed, what time the appointment is, how long the appointment will be, if the person needs to use our wheelchair, if there will be any additional passengers, whether our driver is expected to wait with the passenger or if its ok to leave and come back.

If you make the reservation using the online form, we will call you to get payment information before we confirm the trip. There is not currently a way to pay for a trip online because our staff must first do the fee calculations and ensure that we can fit the trip into our schedule. When you use the online form, you will receive a confirmation email that we received your request.

This does not mean that your trip is booked, but rather that we received your request and will respond to you shortly.

If a hospital, facility, insurance or physician is paying for the trip, they will make the

How much does it cost?

Trip costs vary. There is a fee for each “pick-up”, a cost for mileage and tolls. Different types of transportation have different pick-up fees. Call for a quote, or see our website for specific charges.

What kind of transportation do you have available?

Ambulatory: We have sedans and mini-vans for when a passenger can walk (using a walker is OK) to a car and get in themselves or needs help (wheelchair push) to get to the car but can transfer himself/herself into a car with no assistance.

Wheelchair: We have two different types of vans equipped to transport passengers confined to a wheelchair or those who cannot transfer to a vehicle seat easily: mini-van with rear-entry ramps or full-size van with wheelchair lift.

Stretcher: When a passenger is unable to sit in a wheelchair for their trip, a stretcher/gurney might be an option. We provide the gurney/stretcher and transport it to/from locations, but our staff is not able to assist with the transfer of passengers onto or off the gurney.

What are “unloaded miles”?

If we travel more than 15 miles from our base, there is a fee for when the passenger is not
aboard (to get our vehicle to the pick-up location or back to base). For instance, if we travel to Olympia to pick up a passenger to transport him to Madigan Medical Center, there is an unloaded fee for Pegasus to travel to Olympia (mileage beyond the 15-mile radius), so there is a fee for 10 unloaded miles.

Is Pegasus Lifts local?

Pegasus Lifts (facebook: Pegasus Lifts Northern Utah) is based in South Ogden, on Harrison Blvd. Pegasus Lifts Northern Utah is affiliated with Pegasus Lifts in Washington.

Pegasus is jointly owned by Israel Sharp and Jacob Brinkerhoff.

Israel hails from West Virginia and has been a resident of Utah for the past 4 years. Israel has a degree in Business Administration with a minor in Computer Science. He has worked in the IT field for over 20 years, working for the Army Corps of Engineers, Nationwide Insurance, NCS, Orlans Group, and Utah based Executech previously to joining the Pegasus Lifts Team. Israel was the Founder and CEO of a Washington DC based startup which thrived for 8 years prior to Israel selling the company and moving to Utah. He feels blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful group in “Pegasus Lifts” and looks to help our company become a Nationwide Chain for NEMT for our growing elderly population.

Jacob is the founder and partner in both Pegasus Lifts Northern Utah and Pegasus Lifts in Washington. He is passionate about growing Pegasus Lifts to meet the needs of the communities where Pegasus serves. Jacob has over 7 years experience the non-emergency medical transportation sector, having worked with NEMT companies in several locations. He founded Pegasus with a conviction that medical transportation could be performed with greater dignity, customer care, and efficiency. Jacob has a background in technology and start-up business and he uses that experience to help keep Pegasus at the forefront of advances in transportation management.

Do you transport to/from Salt Lake City, or out of state?

Yes, we send vehicles to and from Salt Lake City, anywhere in Utah, and even out of state for medical appointments, hospital discharges, and other specially requested trips.